Ecoripe es un importador y distribuidor de frutas tropicales y vegetales de calidad. Con sede en Medley, FL, con las operaciones de cultivo y de las asociaciones agrícolas de todo el hemisferio occidental, es fuente de una línea completa de productos tropicales para el mercado de América del Norte.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a leader in the Produce Industry, consistently serving as a catalyst of success for our customers, vendors, and employees.  We will achieve this vision by providing excellent Customer Service, by sourcing and delivering the best quality fresh produce, and by basing all our actions and decisions on the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Our Values:

Excellence: To improve our abilities with the goal of exceeding past levels of performance.

Service: To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and vendors.

Integrity: To base all our actions and decisions in honesty and professionalism.